The New Lincoln Street School Arrives

Lincoln Street School – an exemplary educational experience for nearly 30 years

IMG_3138New Lincoln Street School buildingPic 4 bStudents, parents and teachers at Lincoln Street School are preparing for change as their new school building is brought in and set up at the corner of Lincoln and Union Streets this week.

The school has been in operation since the 80’s seeing nearly three decades of steady growth.  Chris Byrd, lead teacher, recalls the early days, saying:  “We started home schooling in a very old two-room school building in Gerber almost thirty years ago.  The location was not very accessible, and at that time, home schooling was very different from what it is today.  We always had adequate books and materials though, and so we considered ourselves lucky.”

The 1990’s brought the school into Red Bluff, and the program grew.  Still, the location left some room for improvement, but it was a “step up” from the previous one.  As more families heard about the program, enrollment increased and the school grew to employ three full time teachers.

In 1999, the school was again moved to accommodate it’s growing student population – this time to the Department of Education building on Lincoln Street.  Two years later, it became officially known as Lincoln Street Independent School.  The school has become known as an academic leader throughout the community and beyond and was recognized by the California Department of Education in 2011 with an “Exemplary Independent Study” award.

“The road to ‘Exemplary’ has been an exciting one,” said Larry Champion, Tehama County Superintendent of Schools.  “The constants have been strong academics, excellent support, vision, high expectations, a school culture of commitments, and mutual respect,” he added.

The new building will allow Lincoln Street School to continue to grow and educate students in ways that will prepare them for success in college and career.