Constitution Day

Websites for All Ages

-Ben’s Guide to US Government- This is a great site to view for many different topics about the USA that are broken down by grade.

-Civics Education- This site has lesson plans and activities broken down by grade.

-California Department of Education- This site provides information on Constitution Day.

Ideas for Kindergarten – 3rd Grade

-Writing and drawing activity:   “I’m proud to be an American because…”  Students could draw why they are proud to be an American.

-Offers a scroll to use when making a class book or writing about the Constitution.

-“Citizenship” article is just one of many available at “Ben’s Guide to Government” website.

-Constitution Crossword Puzzle

-Lesson plan on citizenship and communities

 Ideas for 5th-8th Grade

-Constitution Center- This has a brief video about James Madison provided by the History Channel.

-Scholastic News- This site has kid-friendly information, activities, and a great section on Heroes of the Constitution- featuring Ben Franklin.

-Constitution Facts- This site has quotes, quizzes, puzzles, and treasure hunts.

-Thinkfinity- This offers standards-based, interactive resources on Constitution Day.