2011 In the News

December 20, 2011

Lincoln Street School students enjoy enriching educational experiences


Lincoln Street School Students recently completed an 8 week photography course.  Under the direction of Mandi Owens, local videographer, students learned various techniques for taking captivating pictures.

Using the community as their classroom, students took photos of the local post office, courthouse, Dave’s Tractor, Inc., and Red Bluff River Park.

The Big Picture generously donated mattes to Lincoln Street School for each student and also allowed students to have a hands-on experience, learning how to choose colors for their mattes as well as use the matte cutting machine.

The matted photos will be displayed at the Tehama County Department of Education’s gallery in January.  A reception for the Lincoln Street School Photography club will be held on January 5, 2012 from 2:30pm-3:30pm.


PE at Lincoln Street School


Lincoln Street School students participate in a physical education program at the Tehama Family Fitness Center.  Parents shared the experience, learning about practical, fun ways to encourage their children to remain active.


September 12, 2011

Constitution Day


During the month of September, Lincoln Street School students have been participating in a variety of Constitution Day activities.

In addition to learning about the Constitution through their social studies curriculum, students participated in online activities, an art contest, and constitution related games.  Eighth grade students are studying their citizenship handbooks in order to gain an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the US Constitution.

(Pictured: Sam playing “Constitution Concentration”)


August 29, 2011

Perfect Scores at Lincoln Street School


To kickoff the new year, 6 students at Lincoln Street School were recognized for earning perfect scores on their 2010-2011 STAR tests.  All students attended workshops on how to be successful in their studies of Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science.

Lincoln Street School teacher, Dana Brent said, “In addition to using standard books and materials, our students have access to a wide array of technology and other tools, allowing us to tailor-fit our program to each student.”

“Our annual start-of-year activities are a great way for the students to meet each other and get a jump start on learning,” said teacher, Christi Deveraux.


May 18, 2011

College Options at Lincoln Street School


March 28, 2011

Do science and you can do anything!!


March 1, 2011

North State Parent Magazine features Chris Byrd in their “Be The Change” series… full story


February 17, 2011

Lincoln Street School recognized by State Schools Chief Tom Torlakson… full story


January 5, 2011 Art: More Than Just A Pretty Picture

Lincoln Street School’s Photography Club was recently featured in North State Parent Magazine…full story


January 5, 2011 Student Photography on Display

LincolnStPhotoClub The Lincoln Street School student Photo Club will be showcasing their fall 2010 photo projects at a public art reception in The Gallery at Tehama County Department of Education this Thursday, January 6th from 2:00 – 3:30pm. Under the direction of photography teacher, Mandi Owens, students explored Tehama County, using the community as their classroom. During the eight week session, students experimented with various artistic techniques, such as compression while visiting Julia’s Fruit Stand, truncation while touring the Red Bluff Fire Department, dramatic perspective, and trick photography, among others. Additional locations included Cone Kimball Plaza, Tehama County Courthouse, Taste of Tehama, Diamond Park, Oak Hill Cemetery, Farm Bureau’s Farm Day, and Educational Fair Day. Thanks to a generous donation from The Big Picture, all of the displayed photographs have been beautifully matted for their debut on Thursday.