2010 In the News

November 17, 2010 Scientists for a Day

Phys-Sci-Club2010 Lincoln Street School students participated in Science Club, becoming scientists for a day! The kindergarten through 2nd grade students participated in “Sifting through Science”, where they learned about objects that sink, float, and are magnetic. 3rd through 5th grade students learned about magnetism and electricity, creating both simple and parallel circuits. The 6th-8th grade students studied Newton’s Laws of Motion. Pictured are students Mickaelin and Madison demonstrating their parallel circuit.




November 18, 2010 Local Student Recognized With National Award


Sixth grade Lincoln Street School student, Samantha Minton, was recently nationally recognized for her patriotic artwork. Nearly 10,000 students throughout the country and overseas military bases submitted entries to the 2010 Constitution Day Poster Contest; Samantha was one of only 22 students acknowledged for their outstanding artwork and one of three students from the state of California to be honored. Lincoln Street School teacher, Dana Brent, recognized Samantha at a recent Rotary Club meeting where she was presented with a print of her framed artwork. Samantha shared her experiences with the group, saying she “enjoyed learning about the Constitution, especially how some of the amendments have changed over time.” The contest was created by the Gov Doc Kids Group, a national organization of librarians and others who want to help American children become familiar with information by and about their government. Learn more about Gov Doc Kids Group athttp://community.fdlp.gov/govdockidsgroup